Current Events

Students must complete a current event every two weeks in my Global Studies 9 class.  They may do either option below, but they must choose one to do every other week.  Below is information regarding how to complete this assignment.

Regular Current Events – CLICK HERE for form.

Students must find an article on the Internet or in the newspaper and complete the form above.  They must write a 4 sentence summery of the article as well as a 4 sentence response response (what do they think about the article).  The article must be about a WORLD event not related to the United States.

Links to News sites that may be helpful in finding an article.

ABC World News, CNN World News, Fox World News

CNN 10 Current Event – CLICK HERE for form.

Students must watch CNN 10 News which is available by CLICKING HERE.  They must then use the form to write a 4 sentence summary about 3 stories highlighted in the episode of Student News.